7-Eleven Transforms its Event Communications with Shareable Apps’ EventConnect™

7-Eleven confirmed this week its implementation of EventConnect™, the event management app from Shareable Apps.

A priority for 7-Eleven is developing and maintaining a close relationship and open communication with all key stakeholders. An increasingly important channel for such communications are the conferences regularly organised by 7-Eleven for their valued franchisees and employees.

7-Eleven required a digital platform that would enable them to more efficiently engage stakeholders on an ongoing basis prior to, during and after these conferences.  Ideally, it would provide a single point of contact on a mobile device, and it was not sufficient for that platform to only enable stakeholders to view a conference agenda, speakers and venue information. It should also provide the opportunity to distribute content and speaker notes on a targeted basis according to the individual attendee’s profile, enable feedback between the organisation and conference attendees, archive conference content, provide a ‘gallery’ of conference highlights, and gather metrics at multiple levels that over time provide insight into stakeholder engagement. It also needed to be able to be updated on short-notice, and able to be distributed efficiently.

“Shareable Apps not only met our provider selection criteria but just as importantly EventConnect™ provided a number of unique benefits”, said, Clayton Ford, General Manager – Corporate Affairs, 7-Eleven. “The fact that one iteration works across all mobile platforms is very cost effective and the ability to distribute EventConnect™ directly to stakeholders rather than require them to go to an app store is extremely efficient for us. It has been very well received by our audience, so much so that we are now  considering broader applications”.

“7-Eleven very quickly grasped the uniqueness of Shareable Apps ability to efficiently and uniquely curate, distribute and manage digital content”, noted Adam Friedman, CEO and Founder of Amplifier Agency. “We are delighted to be working with the 7-Eleven team – it is very clear that they are not willing to just pay lip-service to stakeholder engagement, are prepared to invest in those relationships and are looking to innovate in doing so”.