Canon Australia launches EventConnect™ by Shareable Apps at National Exhibition Launch

Leading imaging organisation Canon Australia chose its breakthrough photographic exhibition Girt by Sea to this week launch its revolutionary EventConnect™ app by Shareable Apps. This is the first of a series of national exhibition stops for the collection, which was made possible by Canon Australia in collaboration with renowned photographer Tony Hewitt and Denis Glennon AO.

Launched at the Paddington Town Hall in Sydney, this exhibition is a collection of 100 stunning large-format aerial photographs resulting from an epic Australian adventure by the photographers circumnavigating Australia over 31 days in a light aircraft.

The team at Canon Australia were looking for a unique way to showcase the exhibition, excite their audience with a unique user experience and then direct customers seamlessly to the Canon online store to purchase prints.

The answer was Canon’s Shareable App™, utilising the phone’s camera to scan a photograph. When scanned, each photograph links to the photographer, GPS coordinates from where the photograph was taken, links to Google Earth, the equipment used, photograph dimensions and a purchase link. Once downloaded, gallery visitors can scan a photograph on the wall or view the entire collection in the app, favourite an image for later or purchase immediately.

“We were looking for a truly innovative way to showcase the extraordinary exhibitions we have planned” said Nina Spannari, AGM Digital, Consumer Imaging at Canon. “We worked with Shareable Apps to conceive and develop a remarkable application of their technology for the exhibition space. We can track adoption and engagement using the analytics provided, and the response has been very impressive”.

Exhibition goers simply have to text ‘Canon’ to a specific mobile number and the app downloads to their phone.

“Canon understands the importance of creating exceptional consumer experiences and we were very impressed by the creativity they brought to our discussions”, said Adam Friedman, CEO and Founder of Shareable Apps. “It has enabled the exhibition to be a more immersive experience for those attending, and they can forward the Shareable App to their friends by email, SMS or social media adding to the virality of the event”.

To see the Girt by Sea collection visit:

Photo by Tony Hewitt & Denis Glennon