Feature Upgrade: More Powerful Surveys

We’ve been hard at work improving our Survey engine with both small – and huge – upgrades.

Surveys is a powerful feature that allows you to create and deploy sophisticated surveys natively within your app. 

These improvements bring the feature set closer to parity with many of the dedicated survey platforms out there, making it less necessary to use 3rd party software to deliver an engaging and sophisticated experience for your users. 


Multiple email recipients 

This is an often requested feature. 

Survey responses can now be sent to multiple email addresses based on the answers to a multiple choice question.

For sales or product enquiries, this means you can ensure exactly the right person follows up on a request or query. 

The old behaviour was one survey, one email recipient. Not any more – you can now go ahead and up your customer service game! 

So how do you do it? Like so much of Shareable Apps, easily: 

  1. Create a multiple choice (one answer selectable) question 
  2. Add answers which should map directly to email recipients
  3. Open the Edit Survey pop-up 
  4. Click ‘Add Email Recipient’ button
  5. Enter an email address and corresponding answer
  6. Repeat steps 4 to 5 as required



For more in-depth tutorials, check out our Help pages.


These next two features we specifically created for the Australian Way Resume Builder. They were so useful we’re giving them to everyone.

Placeholders (merge fields)

This update is huge. It nearly warrants a new feature in itself rather than just an update. 

Ever wanted an answer to a question to appear as information or context in another question? Or give your users a brief of their answers at the end? 

Now you can.

Answers can be tagged with a placeholder which can then be inserted into subsequent questions and pages.

For example, a resume builder could ask for a user’s name, skills, interests and education. These could then be output on the last page of the survey using placeholders. 

You can also address them by name in a subsequent question. It creates an engaging and intelligent experience.

Again, it’s really straightforward to implement. 

  1. In the ‘Edit Question’ pop-up enter a placeholder (no spaces)  for the answer 
  2. When editing subsequent questions or pages, enter your placeholder (surrounded by {})
  3. Users will see their answer substituted for the placeholders in-app

This functionality complements the ‘Export to Word’ feature, described next.

For more in-depth tutorials, check out our Help pages.


Export to Word

Now we’ve made it, we don’t know why we didn’t have this earlier. It’s like an old friend. 

The final page in a survey can now be exported as a Word doc. 

  1. When editing the final page, change the ‘Users can export this page’ drop-down to ‘As a Word doc’


Previously users didn’t see results and didn’t have the option to export those results. 

For more in-depth tutorials, check out our Help pages.


Pre-fill survey after submission

Last cab off the rank is the ability to remember the answers to a completed survey.

It’s now possible to pre-fill a survey with the answers that a user previously submitted, when they return to a survey they’ve already filled out. 

We’ve had the capability for years to remember the answers to an incomplete survey, so what exactly does this do?

Say you have a sales enquiry form. The first time a user submits it, they fill out all their details. They then have another enquiry. This next time all their contact info is remembered from the last time and automatically pre-filled for them.

The applications for this are huge. Resume builders. Client bookings. Support requests….

Here’s how you turn this one:

  1. In the Edit Survey pop-up, check the option to ‘Pre-fill user’s submitted answers on return to the survey’

Done. As easy as we can make it.


We can’t wait to see what you do with this.


For more in-depth tutorials, check out our Help pages.

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