Maximise the value of your audience

Shareable apps have been made by over 16,000 organisations around the world and continue to add value to these groups. It’s a great privilege to be helping so many people communicate more effectively. The more we build the platform, the more we try to understand what you (our users) need it to do.

So, after thousands of apps, hundreds of thousands of users and years of development, what have we learned?

The one thing that everybody who is using the platform wants to achieve is: direct communications and engagement with their audiences.

Everyone has a different audience and different objectives. For example, the content in a customer loyalty programme is different to a staff training programme or an event app. What they all share in common is the need to communicate clearly with a specific audience, drive them back for repeat engagement, and ultimately provide convenience to the end user so that the app is something they engage with regularly.

Time and time again our analytics prove that having your own app drives repeat engagement, often over the course of multiple years.

Shareability is designed to make your app virally distributed if that’s what you need and it can be turned off if you want your apps private.

Shareable App creators big and small that have achieved great value from creating a dedicated place for their audience.

Our simple drag and drop app builder lets anyone with basic computing skills create their own apps without code, in the browser, and those apps go live instantly.

For corporate customers, a suite of full featured enterprise-grade functionality lets you create high value engagement with your audiences, whether that be staff, fans, members, investors, students, voters, donors or customers.

Talk to us about how we can help you achieve your goals with Shareable Apps.

Try one now for free. If you are a large organisation feel free to get in touch with us so we can help you create your customised channel with one of our EnterpriseConnect™ suite of products.

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