Platform Update: Your Shareable App is iOS 13 compatible

One of the ways in which Shareable Apps is superior to traditional apps is that, when a new operating system comes out, you don’t have to get your app updated. 

We update the entire platform to ensure all our apps work with the latest update. 

Which is exactly what we’ve done with iOS 13. Your Shareable App just works on the latest iOS. 

No huge fees to get it updated. No engaging devs and designers. We’ve done the work for you. 

iOS 13 has brought a number of UI and under-the-hood changes. We’re working on some improvements to the way our apps work with the new design elements. 

Like our Share Sheet functionality, which is one of the BIG changes in the user experience  of iOS 13. Yes, you guessed, your app already works with it. 

We’ll let you know about more improvements when we take them live. 

If there’s a feature you want, shoot us an email and we’ll assess it for the pipeline!

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