Prestigious brand Haymes Paint is now a fourth generation family run business and a leader in quality paints.

Haymes wanted to launch their 2015 Colour Forecast to the media with a splash, so they enlisted Shareable Apps. Journalists were texted a link to the Haymes Shareable App which they installed before the event, giving them a convenient place to find all of the event information.

On the day of the press conference, the app was automatically updated with a beautiful interactive interface which accompanied their journey through five colour stations. Journalists were able to discover Haymes’ stunning new 2015 colour range in the palm of their hand. The Shareable App also lived on after the event as a catalogue of information and a means to contact Haymes and even provide feedback to them.

This innovative experience was a testament to an innovative and exciting brand looking to promote itself in similar fashion. The Haymes Shareable App is one of the most beautiful created – a testament not only to the seamless functionality, but also to the stunning product range.

Haymes have been thrilled with the success of the app, the response to it and are considering new ways of using Shareable Apps in the future.

“The feedback about our Haymes Shareable App was fantastic, many people hadn’t seen a media launch done in combination with an app.  This created an extra element of interaction for our guests at our media event, they could then go home and access the information whenever they required.  We were able to include all information and imagery within the Shareable App.  People who were unable to attend were still able to access the information via the app allowing them to cover the story of the Haymes colour forecast, despite them not being able to attend.

The team at Shareable Apps were fantastic in assisting with our vision for the app.  Nothing was a problem and everything worked very smoothly.  Since launching the Haymes Shareable App I have made a number of changes, it is a very simple process and the online app builder and dashboard is excellent.

I would absolutely recommend Shareable Apps to other businesses.  It is a great way of getting your information to your customer base in a relatively easy manner.” – Kylea Wilson, Colour and Commercial Assistant, Haymes Paint.

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