Shareable Apps for Arts & Entertainment

Create a mobile channel that's as innovative and exciting as the works you're promoting and give your audience an experience.

Sydney Festival goes digital with Shareable Apps

“350 people… we bring them on for 22 days, well they don’t know each other. They know they’re meeting an event coordinator at a stage door for a 4 o’clock call, but they don’t know what that person looks like, so it’s really great that now they can call that person’s name up and [know who they’re meeting].”
John Bayley, Head of Production, Sydney Festival


Go digital with your own Shareable App


Sell the experience

Rather than just the product, market the experience from the customers’ point of view. This is a great way to engage younger audience members and bring those closer to the arts who might otherwise feel a disconnect.


Save time with technology

It’s time consuming to run promotions across multiple channels. Shareable Apps aggregates all content: social, print, video, news feeds etc are all captured in one complete mobile channel.


Go where the action is

Mobile apps have gone from being considered a fad through to dominating the mobile space: 89% of time on mobile is spent using apps1 85% of consumers favour apps over websites2

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