Shareable Apps for Government

Stand out from the crowd whether you're a candidate inspiring voters, an institution applying for grants or an organisation engaging stakeholders.

Asialink Business marries technology with tradition using Shareable Apps

“Shareable Apps allows us to reach our audience quicker and also reach audiences that may not otherwise have gone to our website…It also allows peer to peer sharing, which enables us to reach a very broad audience, very quickly.”
Raj Wilson, Director Marketing & External Communications, Asialink Business


Reach your audience with a Shareable App


Cut-through traditional comms

Stand out from the crowd of boring emails, social media, EDMs, print and direct mail and deliver your message straight to their mobile devices.


Control your message

Broadcast your social media posts without comments, update campaign information in real time and attract attention using a fresh approach to communication.


Go where the action is

Mobile apps have gone from being considered a fad through to dominating the mobile space: 89% of time on mobile is spent using apps1 85% of consumers favour apps over websites2

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Download our shareable app demo to read the whitepaper for the retail industry and see for yourself how shareable apps can work for you. Or text Government to +61 400 813 813 to get the PDF.

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