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Share the passion of the game with your fans, players and sponsors like never before. Increase fan and player interaction, build loyalty and create new sponsorship opportunities.

Sydney Kings Slam Dunk with Collectible Player Apps

Shareable Apps has done a great job in connecting our fans with us on a digital level. Everything now is going to tablet and phone and to have the ability to interact with fans directly that way is awesome for us as athletes”.
Josh Childress, Forward, Sydney Kings.

Find out how the Sydney Kings launched their Player Shareable Apps and install them now!

Collectible player cards

Players can sign photos directly in the app using their finger or a stylus, turning it into a piece of collectible, virtual memorabilia!* The app can also house a treasure trove of information around player stats, news, social media, video highlights etc. *Contact us to add this Pro Feature to your app.

Extend sponsorship opportunities

Create a revenue stream for your club or players by offering sponsors a mobile channel through which to reach existing and new audiences – everyone wins and fantastic for ROI!


Go where the action is

Mobile apps have gone from being considered a fad through to dominating the mobile space: 89% of time on mobile is spent using apps1 85% of consumers favour apps over websites2

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