Shareable Apps for the Finance Industry

Offer customers something exciting, stand out and take a leadership position in the very crowded and competitive Financial Services space.

Wealthtrac offers a super approach to SMSF with Shareable Apps

“What more efficiency do you require? The fact that you’re in control, the master of your own content, you’re in control of the delivery and you’re also in control when it’s out there in the marketplace.”
Matthew Johnson, Managing Director and CEO, Wealthtrac


Get a super solution with Shareable Apps


Gain a competitive advantage

Utilise key data and analytics to personalise the customer journey and gain a competitive advantage.


Increase customer loyalty

Go beyond conventional offerings to keep customers interested and brand loyal by using a customer-centric digital approach.


Go where the action is

Mobile apps, once considered a fad, now dominate the mobile space: 89% of time on mobile is spent using apps1 85% of consumers favour apps over websites2

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