Shareable Apps for the Medical Industry

Empower patients with the right knowledge, communicate with them more efficiently and reduce administration and paperwork.

Dr Wood prescribes the right patient solution with Shareable Apps

“I think the thing that surprised me most about my Shareable App was how quickly it was taken up by my patients, and how much they enjoyed having that information available to them.”
Dr David Wood, Orthopaedic Surgeon


Engage your patients with a Shareable App


Consolidate information for patients

Include appointment reminders, contact information, maps, directions and opening hours for your patients, all at the tap of an icon.


Increase patient engagement

Stop wasting money on tired old printouts. Engage your patients with videos and multimedia explanations of treatments important to them.


Go where the action is

Mobile apps have gone from being considered a fad through to dominating the mobile space: 89% of time on mobile is spent using apps1 85% of consumers favour apps over websites2

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