No Set Up Costs

There’s so much information in the mobile application space offering solutions on how to build apps, most of them demanding high cost and long lead times. Why spend thousands of dollars upfront and waste time with long development cycles, when you can get a Shareable App in minutes with no setup cost?

Free Shareable App

As soon as you publish your app it’s completely free! You have access to the full set of features however you will notice ads running within the app. At the time of publishing or when you’re ready to upgrade you can also choose to take a monthly subscription which gives you all the high end features of the free app but without the ads.


Ads be gone! Start sharing your app completely ad free for just $29 per month.

Flexible Subscriptions to Suit Your Needs

Shareable Apps are charged by the month, with no lock-in contract. Shareable Apps really come into their own over extended periods by driving customer loyalty and engagement. But there is no additional cost for shorter campaigns such as a special event, product launch, or even the sale of a house or car.


You can share your app from 13¢ per SMS. This is a unique feature of Shareable Apps and a great way to amplify your message. To get you started, Shareable Apps provides your first 75 SMS’s free. If you’re expecting higher growth, purchase SMS Packs at a discount.

SMS Sharing Unit Price
First 75 per app Free
SMS Pack 1,000 15c $150
SMS Pack 5,000 14c $700
SMS Pack 10,000 13c $1,300
SMS Pack 100,000 – 250,000 12c
SMS Pack 250,001 – 500,000 11c
SMS Pack 500,001 – 1,000,000 10c
SMS Pack 1,000,001 POA

Keyword Response Campaign

An SMS with a link to your Shareable App is an effective way of getting the app onto your customers’ mobile devices quickly and directly. End users can then “Text KEYWORD to NUMBER to get our Shareable App”. This approach is perfect for any TV, radio or print campaigns you’re planning to run.

Set Up Cost: $250

You will also need to purchase an SMS Pack if you haven’t already. See prices above.

Other Sharing is Free

Keep in mind there are no costs for sharing your app in other ways such as: email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or QR Code. So the flexibility of distributing your message is up to you. And remember you can track the effectiveness of your shares in the analytics section of your dashboard.

To make sure you’re covered for all instances of SMS sharing, check out the How to share an app article, in particular the section titled, ‘When Should I Purchase an SMS Pack?’.

How to Purchase

To purchase a 1,000, 5,000 or 10,000 SMS Pack just click ‘Buy SMS Pack’ in the SMS Quota tile on your App Dashboard. For larger packs or Keyword Response Campaigns please email and one of our team members will be more than happy to assist.

Foreign Exchange

All values are shown in Australian Dollars (and exclusive of GST in Australia). No sales tax is applied to customers who have registered payment terms in countries beyond Australia. This means that pricing will fluctuate from time to time as a result of Foreign Exchange movements for customers outside of Australia. The actual price will be displayed in the denomination of your country’s currency prior to confirming purchase.

Tips for App Marketing

Get the most out of your Shareable App with a strong app marketing campaign. Here are some tips to not only promote your business, product or service but ultimately grow your company:
How to make an app
How to share an app
How to track an app
How to engage your audience

Tips for Enhancement

If you would like design assistance, our consulting team are available to help. Approximate costs are $220 per hour (AUD, ex GST).