AccorHotels achieve Shareable Apps Rollout to 7,500 Employees

AccorHotels have reached a milestone in the rollout of their employee engagement initiatives, and now have the ability to communicate and interact with over 7,500 employees nationally.

Utilising TeamConnect™, a product of Shareable Apps, AccorHotels are able to provide rich digital content to their employees to support onboarding, training, people and culture initiatives, employee loyalty programs and OH&S to each employee’s smartphone. This means employees are ’connected’ 24/7. Head Office communications, training and team initiatives can be broadcast to all employees (or selected employees, roles, brands or regions) and individual hotels can also communicate directly with their own staff through TeamConnect™. This assists greatly with timely communications to a mobile and widely dispersed workforce and facilitates the development of a more ‘connected’ and engaged workforce at a hotel level.

All communications are tracked, as are overall interactions with TeamConnect™, enabling management to identify the degree of engagement with different content areas. They can also conduct employee surveys to better identify training needs. Insights are gathered at a local, brand and regional level.

Simon McGrath, COO of Accor Asia Pacific, commented that “Shareable Apps have met all expectations and this project has transformed how we communicate with our employees. We look forward to continuing our relationship and addressing a number of potential new initiatives”.