AccorHotels Announces National Rollout of Shareable Apps

Amplifier Agency today confirmed it has been engaged by AccorHotels (Australia) to roll out its leading Shareable Apps™ product, TeamConnect™, to AccorHotel’s 10,000 employees nationally. The rollout has now commenced.

AccorHotels had identified the need for an onboarding approach that would be both more engaging for new employees, and more efficient for management. The current approach was time consuming for managers, not timely for new employees and costly for AccorHotels who wanted to explore whether providing a digital onboarding experience, and doing so prior to employees starting, could address these issues.

Following a market review, Shareable Apps was selected as the most innovative, best of breed option capable of achieving AccorHotels onboarding objectives. It was also realised that TeamConnect™ would enable AccorHotels to address another pressing challenge – how to ‘connect’ with its widely dispersed employee base – on an ongoing basis. Simon McGrath, COO, had identified that around 95% of employees were not easily contactable using traditional means as they did not have company email addresses and were rarely in an office or required to access a computer at work. Utilising their personal email addresses was not an option for reasons of security, the likelihood of important information being ‘lost’ amongst their personal correspondence, and lack of trackability. Providing all employees with a Shareable App™ meant that all employees would have a single and persistent point of reference on their smartphone for all communications from AccorHotels, who would be able to communicate with all employees (or a segment thereof) at will.

“The adoption of the Shareable Apps platform will make a significant difference to our ability to engage with our various teams nationally”, stated Simon McGrath COO of Accor Asia Pacific. “It has been a real paradigm shift for us and we are excited about the potential impact on our ‘people and culture’ objectives.

Adam Friedman, CEO and founder of Amplifier Agency, commented that “It was very evident to us right from the start that AccorHotels had a strong commitment to both customer service and employee training and development, and a well-articulated vision as to what they want to achieve. We are delighted that they have chosen to work with Shareable Apps and our TeamConnect™ product which will meet the brief and provide a springboard for further initiatives”.