CSR Gyprock innovates trade engagement with the Red Book Companion Shareable App

In 2017, CSR Gyprock, Australia’s leading supplier of plasterboard, released the latest version of their specifications guide and catalogue, the Red Book. The Red Book is effectively the industry bible for product knowledge, and has been in print for decades.

In keeping with the times, CSR saw the opportunity to mobilise the content in the Red Book, for use on the go, and enlisted the help of Shareable Apps to empower their customers digitally. The task: translate a 442-page book of best-in-class performance detail and technical guidance including specifications, imagery, and margin-to-margin content into a sleek, powerful, and shareable app.

To provide this world-first technology and facilitate CSR Gyprock’s requirements, the Shareable Apps team created a collection of custom enhancements to their proprietary and patented Adapptr™ platform, which now powers over 16,000 Shareable Apps.

The app has become a great success with CSR Gyprock’s audience, and has now become the go-to resource for thousands of industry professionals, who are using the app on a regular basis. The tool has been used over 40,000 times in the field, and sets a new benchmark for engagement on mobile.

The central piece of functionality for the Red Book Companion app is the System Selector, an advanced search function that allows users to input criteria such as acoustic or fire rating, type, and lining content to create a list of possible systems (ie. product combinations) that would fulfil the requirements. This feature has assisted users in finding the perfect system for their needs on the go.

Users of the Red Book Companion app have enjoyed full digital access to every piece of content from the physical Red Book, formatted and presented to be fully readable on any mobile, tablet, or desktop device. Additionally, the engagement of the CSR Gyprock audience has been augmented with digital functionality such as search, notes, sketchpad (for drawing quick concepts), and favouriting of systems for quick reference.

CSR Gyprock’s audience have embraced the power of the Shareable App and driven thousands of new users to the app virally through in-built SMS, Email, and social media peer-to-peer sharing methods.

Alisha Mykytowycz, Marketing Communications and Brand Manager at CSR Gyprock said that “The Red Book Companion Shareable App has been highly beneficial to our customers, and is a valuable addition to our communication suite. The product has performed very well and we have enjoyed working with the Shareable Apps team.”

Shareable Apps CEO, Adam Friedman, says that “CSR Gyprock has been an exemplary and forward-thinking client, who truly cares about the needs of their audience, and has adopted intelligent strategies to engage them effectively. We’ve enjoyed creating and helping with the distribution and management of the Red Book Companion app and look forward to continued mutual success.”

You can try the Red Book Companion Shareable App at: https://redbook.shareableapps.com or by texting RED BOOK to 0400 813 813.