Turning mobile app development on its head

Advice for technology professionals seeking a better app solution By Marc Teichtahl, MD & CTO Whilst we would all agree that mobile is the biggest game in town, I think there are very few CIOs who would argue that mobile… Read more

Debunking the App Myth

A guide to making an app for iPhone, Android, tablets and more and distributing it the right way for your business in 2015. By Adam Friedman, Founder and CEO.   There is no debate – the future is clearly mobile…. Read more

Shareable Apps finds its audience

The Financial Review features the Shareable Apps story as told by Founder and CEO, Adam Friedman. He talks about the ‘anyone can have one’ self publishing platform and explains the key differentiators, ease and simplicity behind how to build an… Read more

Share and be appy

EVER had a great idea for an app? Well these Aussie developers have made it possible for you to create an app and share it instantly. A TEAM of Aussie developers have made some creative souls very ‘appy – making a… Read more

Shareable apps cuts out middlemen

A new platform has been launched which provides an alternative to developing an app, and selling it via the App Store or Google Play. Created by Australian entrepreneur Adam Friedman, Shareable Apps is a hybrid of traditional apps and social media. The… Read more

Technology Behind Business

Shareable Apps Founder and CEO, Adam Friedman is interviewed live on Sky News Business by Nigel Freitas. He explains what makes the product unique, how business can benefit from having a Shareable App and he dispels a couple of myths… Read more

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