Shareable Apps™ and the rise of private platforms

There has never been a time in history where people have been presented with so much information across so many channels as we are today. Technology enables anyone to be a publisher, however the sheer volume of noise makes it virtually impossible to keep an audience focused and engaged.

Surely technology should be making your job easier, not harder?

There are myriad places where your brand content or message can be discovered on the web, social networks, and through other messaging channels.

However, if you want that message to stick and you want users to become regular participants in your channel, you need to help them filter out the noise.

Also, some messages and content are proprietary, private and not appropriate to disseminate through public channels.

When access to your own audience is being controlled by third parties, you become a victim to their whims and changing rules.

With increased focus now on privacy, security and data protection, it’s never been so important to have and maintain your own private platform that connects you directly to your audience and treats them with respect.

This is what we do at Shareable Apps.

We empower organisations to reach and engage with their audiences on their own devices to achieve their core communication objectives.

We make it easy and economical to open up your new channel, maintain it, and maximise the value you get from your audience.

Whether you’re responsible for marketing, staff comms, event management, investor relations, content creation and distribution, enterprise, government or non-profit, our job is to help you engage and retain your users in a dedicated, noise-free environment.

We have a range of turnkey, templated app solutions for a wide range of use cases and we’ve worked hard to make it really easy for you to get started with your idea.  Shareable Apps are decentralised apps that work on all popular devices and operating systems, and give you back control over your content and your userbase.

It’s easy to get Shareable Apps for your business and start driving a return on investment through your own private platform, where you make the rules.

Try one now for free. If you are a large organisation feel free to get in touch with us so we can help you create your customised channel with one of our EnterpriseConnect™ suite of products.

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