Shareable Apps Connects the Team Behind Sydney Festival

As the Sydney Festival kicks off their 3 week extravaganza of art and entertainment today, we couldn’t be prouder to be supporting the team with their own internal Shareable App.

Sydney Festival saw an opportunity to connect their team via the innovative and seamless mobile channel offered by Shareable Apps.

The Sydney Festival Shareable App includes full contact details for all staff, including pictures of each team member, the ability for users to select ‘favourites’ so they only see the people they are required to, an inbox function means HQ can alert some or all staff of updates, news etc.

“350 people… we bring them on for 22 days, well they don’t know each other. They know they’re meeting an event coordinator at a stage door for a 4 o’clock call, but they don’t know what that person looks like, so it’s really great that now they can call that person’s name up and [know who they’re meeting].”

John Bayley, Head of Production, Sydney Festival

With changes to the app able to be made in real time, it also reduces the need for printed lanyards and the hassle of reprinting as details changes.

When the app was launched to staff, some of the comments overheard were:

“I love shareable apps”

 “This is going to make my life so much easier.” 

“This is going to save so many trees!”

 “I normally lose my paper lanyard within the first day, this is a great solution!”

We wish the team the best over the next few weeks and are sure their busy lives will be made that much easier by using the Sydney Festival Shareable App.

Break a leg everyone!

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