We’ve just made creating apps over 20% faster

In the last few months we’ve made the switch over to Google Cloud (link to our article). 

One of the key benefits of this has been for you, our creators.

You see you can now make apps faster thanks largely to low latency enabled by Cloud CDN and the subsea content delivery network of Google Cloud. 

Substantially faster. 

Our Adapptr app creation platform is now clocking in at 20-30% faster. 

(That’s on top of the fact you can have an app on your phone in about an hour, instead of months going the App Store route).

We were impressed.

We know you will be too. 

Or perhaps you’ll be too busy enjoying creating or updating your app to pay much attention. 

That probably better.

We’re excited that you’ll be able to get your ideas up and into a published app that much faster. 

It’s one of the huge benefits of having a Shareable App – when we update the platform or upgrade performance, everyone benefits. Unlike App Store apps, no extra costs, it just works. 

And this is just the start of an exciting partnership with Google Cloud. 

“We’ve just scratched the surface of what we can do in the future with Google Cloud,” says Adam. “We’re excited about our future launching Google Cloud AI and data solutions that will help our customers achieve their dreams, as well as GKE which will help us grow our own business.”

So jump in, and get creating.