Asialink Business Launches Country Starter Packs with Shareable Apps 

A fantastic event at Melbourne’s Sofitel, this October, was where guests gathered for the launch of Asialink Business’ Country Starter Packs, as well and the Country Starter Pack Shareable App.  

The Packs provide Australian businesses with the information they need to confidently enter Asia and grow their operation in there desired region.  

Asialink Business Launch Keyword Launch

Asialink Business CEO, Mukund Narayanamurti launches the Country Starter Pack Shareable App via keyword response.

After a keynote speech from Kelly O’Dwyer, Minister for Small Business, guests were able to download the app by texting StarterPack to a number and the app link was sent to them for downloading directly onto their smartphones. 

“We truly married tradition with technology which I think is so essential when you seek to engage with Asia because you have to truly bridge all of those elements.” Mukund Narayanamurti, Asialink Business CEO.

The app includes all of the Starter Packs in one location and when people need to refer to one or more, they are simply reach for their smartphone, a very handy and necessary resource for any business already in or exploring the Asian market.

“Asialink Business took a great opportunity to reach their market here and across Asia in quite a different way with Shareable Apps and the result is outstanding.  Both ourselves and Asialink could not be happier.” Adam Friedman, CEO & Founder, Shareable Apps


The app includes information about Asialink Business as well as Starter Packs for 4 different countries – China, Indonesia, Korea and Thailand – with more countries to be added soon.

Download the Asialink Business Country Starter Pack Shareable App to find out how Shareable Apps can help your business or to sign up for your free account go to