Centricity provides customer experience (CX) solutions that aim to reduce customer churn, create brand advocates and engage front line employees.

The goal was to boost their brand presence at the G-Force Conference (a CX forum), offer them a point of difference and encourage delegates to engage with Centricity after the event. Along with branding at coffee stands and charge stations, hosting talks and round tables, the Centricity Shareable App excelled as a sales lead solution due to the immediacy of sharing the apps directly to delegates’ phones via text and email.

The app continued to engage attendees after the conference, with notes from the round table uploaded to the app and accessible by them.

Centricity were excited and surprised at the enthusiasm of the delegates they spoke to, and found that 75% of them downloaded, and have subsequently used, the Centricity Shareable App.

As well as a great testimonial below, Centricity blogged about the great experience they had with their Shareable App.

“The Centricity Sharable App was a perfect solution for us at the G-Force trade event.

We were tired of handing out flyers that weren’t being read and attaching brochures to emails that weren’t easily updated by the marketing team. The Centricity Shareable App gave the team a new innovation to present and a real conversation-starter on the show floor. The share function meant that there was an element of theatre by texting the app, and we were able to generate real results by getting registrations within the app itself.

We were thrilled with the support we received from Shareable Apps: no request was too big, and no question from us too ridiculous!

The ease with which we built and updated the app has been a real eye opener and means that we’ll keep it as a main piece of our sales collateral going forward.

A big thank you to the Shareable Apps team.”

Kate Moulton, Digital Marketing Specialist, Centricity.

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