Claxton Speakers International represents some of the most sought after speakers across Australia and around the world. For one speaker in particular they wanted to try something new, put some sizzle in the marketing and discover an exciting way to grab audience attention and increase ticket sales.

This particular speaker was Buzz Aldrin. So we created the Buzz Alrdin Shareable App, which housed all of the event details, ticket purchase facility, promotional videos and so much more.

“What surprised me most about the Shareable App was how easy the backend was to create something. It’s updatable instantly and with 4,000 speakers on our books, it’s really important for us to update quickly.”
Phil McMartin, CEO, Claxton Speakers International

The event was a complete success with a lot of great feedback from attendees and a keen eye on a Shareable App for many more CSI speakers.

Take a look at the video to find out more!

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