RMIT is Australia’s largest tertiary institution, a global university of technology and design.

In 2015 RMIT conducted a trial across 5 of their Master’s programs, including MBA and Masters of Advertising. A Shareable App, specific to each course, was created and shared with the relevant students and teachers.

The apps acted as one stop guide for students to access key information, course work, study guides, admin form, library guides, even café and parking geolocation information.

When the results came in both RMIT and Shareable Apps could not have been happier.

“The results of the pilot program were impressive, 13% increase in retention, about 10% above the average retention improvement for the whole university.”
Dr David Glanz, Senior Manager Marketing and Communications, RMIT

With such a great outcome the University was encouraged to proceed with 10 apps in 2016, covering a broader range of their Masters courses including, Masters of Information Technology and Masters of Urban Planning and Environment etc.

The new apps have been tweaked to include an attractive and engaging design and streamlined to include strong, targeted and helpful information that students will return to regularly.

We look forward to the students using the new apps and getting even more value out of them for the duration of their courses.

Check out the video to find out more.

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