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1. Shareable

Knowing how to create a great app for your business, product, service or staff is just the beginning. Getting it to your audience is just as important. That's why Shareable Apps™ are easy to share, by SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and more. No matter what smartphone or tablet your audience is using, now you can send your app directly to them in an instant. More ›

Inside every Shareable App is a share panel, so you can send your app directly from your phone to others. And the great thing is, they can also share your app this way, helping your app go viral! Plus, the Adapptr™ control panel that comes with your app allows you to do bulk sharing to all of your contacts at once. This is why they're called Shareable Apps™!

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2. Compatible

A smartphone app that doesn't work on the most popular smartphones isn't that smart. That's why Shareable Apps™ work on all modern mobile devices. No matter whether your users have an iPhone, one of the many flavours of Android, Blackberry 10 or a tablet, your Shareable App will reach more people, saving you time and money, and increasing the effectiveness and reach of your campaigns. More ›

Shareable Apps™ is continually growing, so as new devices come on the market, your app will continue to reach them, helping you maintain effective marketing on mobile in an ever-changing and evolving technology landscape.

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3. Extendable

When making an app, it's important to know what you want to achieve. It could be to keep customers informed, communicate with your staff, provide special offers or promote your content. From the most basic app, to full enterprise functionality, it's all possible with your Shareable App. Plus your Adapptr™ control panel includes features like SMS and email blasts, so you can pump out apps to your users and keep them engaged with ongoing messaging. More ›

Your Shareable App can be used to market your products and services, display content, integrate social media, survey your customers, share documents and more. If you need your app to do something specialised, we can help. A range of customisations are available which our experts can help you with. And we will constantly be adding more modules to purchase online to extend the features of your Shareable Apps.

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4. Trackable

Knowledge is power. And you can't manage what you can't measure. Spending time and money marketing your brand on mobile only makes sense if you can understand its effectiveness. That's why Shareable Apps™ come with their own real-time analytics. Accessible via your Adapptr™ control panel, you can see how many people have your app, where they are, what they are looking at, and many other useful data that enable you to effectively market to your audience. More ›

Now you can stay in touch with your users and also understand their behaviour, no matter where they are.

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5. Manageable

Your Shareable App is dynamically updateable. This means no-one has to download updates - you make a change to your app, and instantly everyone sees the new version. Shareable Apps™ also integrate your social media and news feeds dynamically, putting all of your latest content and marketing at your users' fingertips. The Adapptr™ control panel has been designed to allow you to make and edit apps without having to know code or having to call in expensive development staff. More ›

You are in control. If you have basic web skills, you can make, share and manage your Shareable App. Try it for yourself, or have one of our experts do it for you.

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6. Profitable

Shareable Apps™ have been created for the world's biggest brands, with proven results. Get more effective marketing on mobile and put your brand directly on your customers' home screens, so their next call, sale or enquiry is just a tap away. Shareable Apps™ have been used across a wide range of industries across the world, and continue to deliver effective return on investment for our customers. More ›

Government, major brands, bluechip businesses, financial institutions, health and medical practitioners, charities, SMEs and more use Shareable Apps™, and now the technology is available to you. It's a proven effective way to reach your audiences and achieve your marketing and communication objectives.

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7. Adaptable

Shareable Apps™ are powered by Adapptr™, technology developed by Amplifier Corporation Pty Limited. Adapptr™ is a brand new content adapting system which makes a wide range of content available simultaneously for numerous devices. Adapptr™ is a unique combination of cloud, mobile, web and network technologies that enables apps to be created, shared, tracked and updated seamlessly in the cloud. More ›

Created by some of the world's leading experts in their fields, Adapptr™ represents a new paradigm in content delivery and management, harnessing the latest tech and best practices. Solving problems and creating opportunities for businesses of all sizes, Adapptr™ adapts to an ever-changing technology landscape. For more information and to find out how Adapptr™ can be expanded to achieve your goals, please contact an Adapptr™ expert.

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