Shareable Apps – an entire mobile marketing solution

People often ask us – why is a Shareable App better than a mobile website? There are many reasons.

For the last 6 years mobile apps have gone from being considered a fad through to dominating the mobile space:

  • 86% of time on mobile devices is spent using apps*
  • 85% of consumers favour apps over mobile websites^

Shareable Apps™ are apps done right. To find out what makes Shareable Apps™ better than other apps read this article.


Shareable Apps™ do everything a mobile website does, and a whole lot more:


  • Can be sent one-to-one or one-to-many, and virally shared with others, furthering your audience reach
  • Are shared directly to your audience, so they don’t have to access or start type into a browser
  • Have their own in-built messaging system which deploy the apps and ongoing messages across all digital media including SMS, email, social, print, etc. all of which are tracked

A fresh approach

  • Offers digital marketers an effective new channel to complement and even drive integrated campaigns
  • Can be purpose built for short or long term campaign/ product launches rather than diluting the message with an entire website
  • Offers your advertisers and partners a new medium to reach and grow their audience.

Prime real estate

  • Creates a home screen icon on your mobile device for an instant call to action and far more convenient than searching for a URL

Mobile friendly 

  • More mobile-friendly than a lot of sites and adapt to suit the users device – build once and it’s completely cross platform

Website plus 

  • Include the features and benefits of a website, plus more, i.e. analytics, content management, updates and dynamic feeds
  • Can expand your database and capture more user information than websites
  • Optimised by the  Adapptr™ system to be lightweight, rapidly distributed and perform better than sites
  • Includes hosting so no self hosting required
  • Accessible offline

Ease of use

  • Offers a user-friendly interface which is easy to customise and doesn’t require developers to create and manage
  • Uses Adapptr™ so content, filetypes and feeds of all types can be redistributed easily without coding

Future proof

  • Part of a constantly evolving platform which stays up to date with changes in operating systems


  • Offers an easier, cheaper and faster solution to get a dynamic mobile app than it is to build a website


Already got a website – get the best of both worlds.

Already got a mobile website? Great! Use it in tandem with your app and reach more people.

Ingest your site into your app, so that when you change the content in one, it’s reflected in the other.

Use your site to extend distribution of your app.

Start your Shareable App now by registering for a free account or to find out more email us at