Shareable Apps vs Traditional Apps

There are some key differences from app creation, distribution and tracking that set Shareable Apps™ apart from traditional native apps, providing benefits to businesses of all kinds.

Here’s a great overview of how and why a Shareable App is the best way to approach an app for your business, helping you to reach more people, strengthen communications and better your bottom line.

Shareable Apps™

Traditional Apps

Go live instantly
Lengthy development cycle
Click Publish – no app store required
Lengthy/uncertain app store approval
Detailed analytics: adoption, engagement
Limited analytics
No royalties
App store revenue share
Update yourself instantly at no cost
Expensive/lengthy update cycle
Build once for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone
Develop again for each platform
Share by SMS, email and social media
No inbuilt distribution
Distribute directly to your database
Get lost in the app store
Only you can see your users’ reviews
At the mercy of negative reviews
$99/mo. Customize from $10,000
Typical cost $30,000 – $200,000

You can create a Shareable App for your business simply and easily, right here in our app designer, whatever industry you’re in. Sign up for your free account, login, or email for more information.