Turning mobile app development on its head

Advice for technology professionals seeking a better app solution

By Marc Teichtahl, MD & CTO

Whilst we would all agree that mobile is the biggest game in town, I think there are very few CIOs who would argue that mobile app development is quick, easy or cost effective. The plethora of platforms, operating systems, screens, standards and implementations has turned mobile app development into an incredible pain point for most organisations. Even if they successfully create an app, it will likely join the other 70% of apps sitting idle [i] in one or more app store until the marketing department spends an addtional fortune promoting the app. Does this approach really make sense or is there a better way?

There is a better way!

Why is it that every time a new transformative technology comes around, it is accompanied by a raft of new acronyms, complex business models, new standards and even worse, new approaches to app development? From corporates to contractors the mind boggles at the number of platforms, systems, languages, user interfaces, analytics, URLs, usernames, passwords, authentication, business models, transactions, payment gateways etc. that must be learnt, implemented and maintained. Nothing could be more true when looking at mobile application development in today’s complex world of different devices, operating systems and business models.

The Shareable Apps way

At Amplifier, we believe there is a better way to create, manage and distribute mobile apps. That’s why we have spent three years creating Shareable Apps. Building not only a world leading self-publishing platform but an eco-system that delivers on our promise to reach more people.

We know from talking to our customers, the market and analysts that the key metric for business, brands and advertisers is to have their message, branding and product in the pockets of the nearly 2 billion smart phone users world wide [i]. The only way to achieve this is by reaching more people than the competition.

Many businesses think that achieving this could be a technology problem, some assume it’s complex and costly, others experience the management and cost implications when building an app for each operating system (iOS, Android, Windows Phone etc.) others are simply too scared or confused to start.

We believe that mobile apps should be simple, cost effective, cross platform, low maintenance and most important, easy to distribute. We have already debunked all the myths about mobile apps so nothing should be scary or overwhelming – we have removed all the barriers.

Removing technology from the equation (it never belonged there anyway)

To achieve simplicity we set out with one goal, to make the technology transparent. To remove technology as a barrier to entry, to use technology to lower cost, to relieve customer concern around creating apps for the range of operating systems, to simply allow our customers to focus on reaching more people with their brand, service or product. After all, most companies are not technology savvy, they are experts in and focus on their core business and shouldn’t have to concern themselves with how the latest version of iOS or Android may affect their app strategy. Our AdapptrTM platform takes care of all that, quickly and easily distributing the app, tracking its performance and allowing our customers to stay focused on winning their game.

We have leveraged the latest and greatest of modern software stacks, taken advantage of the massive scale available through Amazon AWS and assembled a leading team of passionate developers, designers and product specialists.

Our challenge has been to bring to market a flawless synergy of technology and product. This was not easy, our choice of platform, software language/s and architecture were critical. A lot of time was taken to carefully design a web scale, robust and secure platform aimed at delivering faultless service to millions of customers. Where it made sense, we have re-used industry leading software components, we have also contributed to a number of open source projects as we refined our technologies, but most importantly we have implemented a platform that exists for only one purpose – to facilitate the democratisation and proliferation of highly functional, easy to build, cross platform mobile apps that can be delivered to millions of hand sets with the click of a button.

Apps as marketing tools

The features and functionality of AdapptrTM have been specifically designed with the Reach More People concept in mind.

From the SMS and Email blast capability to the in-depth analytics, everything about AdapptrTM is focused on helping our customers reach their widest possible audience.

As AdapptrTM is a graphical (what you see is what you get) platform, there is no coding. Finally the mobile app has become a tool for marketers, and advertisers. No longer do you need to know how to code, how to submit to an app store or how to manage requirements. Our platform has a beautiful, clean, point and click interface and puts no technical demands on users. It guides the user through the simple process of adding images, galleries, social media, videos, location directories and many other features. Then once launched, an app can be tracked and traced right down to the handset type it was installed on, when and where it was installed. Everything needed to understand the effectiveness, reach and adoption of an app is at hand, no complex dashboards, no confusing terminology, just simple, clear information.

Want to know more?

For more features and to find out how your business can benefit from a Shareable App, just go to Shareableapps.com and sign up to get your own app for all devices in just minutes, no developers or third party approvals required.

We use it ourselves – in fact you can see this article and other news about our products in our own Shareable App at http://shareableapps.com/demo

Got any feedback or questions about how Shareable Apps can help your business? Contact us to find out more at support@shareableapps.com



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[ii] Gigaom, 2013, http://gigaom.com/2013/11/11/ericsson-global-smartphone-penetration-will-reach-60-in-2019/