AccorHotels Announces National Rollout of Shareable Apps

Amplifier Agency today confirmed it has been engaged by AccorHotels (Australia) to roll out its leading Shareable Apps™ product, TeamConnect™, to AccorHotel’s 10,000 employees nationally. The rollout has now commenced. AccorHotels had identified the need for an onboarding approach that would… Read more

Yes! Shareable Apps can work for your industry

If you’re wondering how Shareable Apps can be a seamless, cost effective and stand-out addition to the promotion of your business, don’t take our word for it, let some of our customers tell you their app stories. Businesses from a… Read more

Shareable Apps vs Traditional Apps

There are some key differences from app creation, distribution and tracking that set Shareable Apps™ apart from traditional native apps, providing benefits to businesses of all kinds. Here’s a great overview of how and why a Shareable App is the… Read more

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